At KPMG South Africa, we are renowned for our expertise in financial services, particularly in Murex implementation and support. Our team of seasoned experts has a proven track record in this area. We leverage our extensive talent pool to identify and enhance the skills of professionals in Murex software.

Through a strategic partnership with Murex, we provide comprehensive training and deployment of Murex resources to our clients. By drawing from our talent reservoir, we ensure the right professionals are matched to meet each client's unique Murex needs.

Our internal Murex training environment

KPMG South Africa has established an internal Murex training academy designed to train our staff and clients. This resource empowers us and our clients to efficiently expand our pool of Murex experts in alignment with market dynamics. This training not only consists of theoretical learning, but hands on experience using the Murex platform.

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Reach out to us to discover how we can support you in enhancing the proficiency of your staff in Murex or provide the requisite skills tailored to your needs. We're dedicated to equipping your organization with the expertise essential for success in your Murex landscape.

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