Women in Leadership: South African Perspective

"In my encounter with peers and leaders from other entities, it is increasingly clear that the issue of fewer women in leadership roles is a phenomenon that continues to be seen. This is despite measures that have been introduced to manage this issue in support of women already in these roles and to level the playing field for others to come.

The detail that is encapsulated in this report without a doubt portrays an evolving landscape for women in leadership in South African businesses, that can in fact offer sustainability for businesses while captivating innovation. It is encouraging, however, that South Africa is highlighted as one of the countries that are leading in creating a conducive environment that will enable progress in this area.

With women continuing to face substantial challenges in attaining leadership positions and board representation, despite South Africa's progressive constitution and efforts to promote gender equality, an urgent need for concerted efforts to address gender disparities in leadership is required." - Ignatius Sehoole CEO KPMG Southern Africa & Africa Chairman