KPMG professionals understand the energy transition.

The energy transition stands as the defining challenge of our era. Every sector faces mounting pressure to power human progress in a way that is reliable and affordable but also, critically, more sustainable and equitable.

You've taken the bold step of committing to emissions reduction. Now, your employees, investors, regulators, and customers eagerly await your action.

It's time to accelerate your efforts and move forward decisively — with a clear sense of purpose and urgency.

Perhaps you're uncertain about where to begin, how to overcome obstacles, or how to identify the opportunities. What areas should you prioritize? What technologies, funding, and expertise are required?

Most importantly, how do you rally everyone to embrace this journey?

KPMG professionals are here to help guide you through this increasingly complex landscape, enabling you to deliver on your ambitions for your business, people and the planet.

Let's embark on this transformation together. Together we can light the way forward for your energy transition journey.

The Transition to Net Zero

energy transition to net zero 2050


How KPMG can help you power the future

Energy transition tax services

KPMG professionals can help you navigate the increasingly complex landscape of incentives, grants and environmental taxes to optimize funding, manage costs and remain compliant, all supported by the KPMG global ESG tax database and organization of tax specialists. Considering carbon trading? KPMG professionals can help you assess the tax implications of engaging with this emerging market.

Power purchase agreements

Corporations are now key players in the global transition to decarbonize economies by 2050, with electricity consumption accounting for a significant share of their carbon footprint. KPMG professionals recognize that energy procurement, once seen as a mere cost, has transformed into a strategic avenue for risk mitigation and value creation. With mounting stakeholder pressure and evolving government policies, corporations have embraced diverse options to help reduce their carbon emissions related to electricity consumption, ranging from innovative energy efficiency programs to equity investments in renewable generation assets.

One crucial tool in this decarbonization journey is the Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This approach allows companies to directly purchase electricity from energy generators, bypassing traditional utilities. PPAs offer a range of potential benefits, from facilitating decarbonization through green power adoption to immediate cost savings and risk reduction. KPMG firms offer a wide-ranging suite of services, from advising on global PPA opportunities to full implementation support, leveraging the global organization of firms and their strong developer relationships to deliver holistic energy solutions. KPMG professionals’ expertise covers risk mitigation strategies, trading strategies for renewable platforms, and ESG reporting to help ensure that the transition to cleaner energy aligns with your sustainability goals.

Low carbon fuels

KPMG firms strive to lead the way in low carbon fuels (LCF) consulting, deal advisory, tax, and legal services across the entire supply chain. As industry leaders and deep subject matter professionals in LCF, KPMG professionals provide broad support with tested tools and methodologies from global decarbonization projects. The team can help actively engage with industry and governments to strategically support clients in navigating regulatory changes and capturing opportunities.

KPMG professionals’ expertise extends to driving deal value in a decarbonizing economy, from M&A support to investment analytics, structuring, and execution, aligning decarbonization vision with enterprise strategy and offering wide-ranging transformation support. KPMG firms’ services also promote sustainable supply chains, particularly in the transportation decarbonization space, covering marine, aviation, and mobility. Addressing key challenges in LCF, from awareness and availability to affordability, acceptability, and accountability, KPMG firms’ services encompass commercial and regulatory advice, opportunity screening, bid preparation, modeling, economic analysis, market entry assessment, partnering strategy, and operating model development. Work with your local KPMG professional to navigate your low carbon fuels journey across various assets and geographies.

Supply chain transformation

To meet your ambitions for a more sustainable business you should aim to manage the impact across your whole supply chain. In doing so, you can unlock the opportunities that a more sustainable supply chain brings. From traceability to Scope 3 decarbonization, KPMG professionals can help you ensure supply chain transformation is central to your sustainability ambitions and targets.

Energy transition advisory

KPMG professionals can help you develop a strategy to replace traditional power sources and implement renewable energy sources.

KPMG firms’ progressive and integrated portfolio of services can help achieve effective results for government organizations, developers, generators and the wider investment community.

KPMG firms offer services in the following areas:

  • Energy policy & programs
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Commercial advisory
  • Hydrogen project advisory
  • Energy procurement
  • Commercial transactions
  • Decommissioning strategy
  • Implementation and asset management

Economic and social development

KPMG firms’ economic and social development practice works closely with governments, multilateral institutions, private companies, foundations and other development-minded organizations to help measure impact and enable societies to grow in a more equitable way by striving to reduce vulnerabilities and allowing economies to prosper.

Services provided by this practice include:

  1. modelling for targeted investments for social and economic growth
  2. public service offerings to help clients strengthen healthcare systems, deliver sustainable infrastructure, improve education systems and deliver better social care to those who need it most resilient supply chain and logistics management.

Strategic energy management

KPMG professionals can help you to strategically enhance your technologies, processes and people to improve energy efficiency and to decarbonize. Underpinned by active governance, stakeholder engagement, organizational change, project planning, risk mitigation and reporting insights, Strategic Energy Management (SEM) operationalizes energy efficiency across a portfolio of sites resulting in the reduction of energy consumption, cost, and scope 1 and 2 emissions

Decarbonization pathways

KPMG professionals can help you gain strategic foresight and operational value in your decarbonization journey, from emissions measurement to implementation, monitoring and reporting. KPMG firms’ approach begins with a broad decarbonization strategy and vision setting, with a core focus on asset-level diagnostics and analysis. Several steps are key to setting up your decarbonization strategy for success:

  • Perform a carbon baseline assessment
  • Define a decarbonized future state
  • Conduct decarbonization scenario planning
  • Create a roadmap and implementation plan
  • Operationalize decarbonization
  • Leverage climate risk and resilience analytics

KPMG has developed a suite of tools to help you on the journey to getting decarbonization right.

Workforce transition

Let KPMG professionals help you navigate changes to organizational design, change management, talent management, HR function and workforce optimization.

Helping you create opportunities to design new and better strategies, develop new products, expand into new markets, rethink business models and transform the performance of your organization.


Energy transition client stories

Learn how KPMG firms are helping organizations across sectors accelerate decarbonisation, reduce emissions and unlock value.


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