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The KPMG Banking & Capital Markets team invites you watch the recent webcast replay: Working with multi-CBDCs: International and cross-border settlements. This is the second webcast in KPMG’s CBDCs webcast series.

During this session, KPMG in the UK’s Imran Ali and KPMG in Singapore’s Aymeric Salley provided insights on multi-CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), their role in facilitating international and cross-border settlements, and the current state of various CBDCs, such as wholesale CBDC initiatives, including Bank for International Settlements’ Project Jura.

Following the presentation there was a panel of industry professionals who shared their views on the latest trends in this area.

Previous webcast

Webcast 1: A to Z of CBDCs in Europe and Asia: Understanding central bank digital currencies

During this webcast, KPMG in Germany’s Sven Korschinowski and KPMG in Singapore’s Debarshi Bandyopadhyay provided insights on the fundamentals of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), their current state in Europe and Asia, and their potential impact on the future of digital payments. Following the presentation, there was a panel discussion with industry professionals from BBVA, Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered Bank.

Click here to watch the replay. 

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