The new frontier in law

On 20 September 2022, KPMG Global Legal Services (GLS) held its first client conference, bringing together over 90 General Counsel and 100 leaders from the GLS business in London, UK.

During this inaugural event, attendees were provided with informative and valuable takeaways that demonstrated the breadth of KPMG's legal capabilities, with a focus on how the use of technology can change the legal function of the future and KPMG’s single platform solution, Digital Gateway for Law

Highlights from the 2022 KPMG Global Law Conference

The Conference featured a number of distinguished speakers took part in this event, including keynote speakers Mark Cohen, CEO & Founder of Legal Mosaic, Executive Chairman at The Digital Legal Exchange and Distinguished Scholar at Singapore Academy of Law, and Michele DeStefano, Founder of LawWithoutWalls, Founder of MoveLaw, Professor of Law, University of Miami & Affiliated Faculty, and Program Chair, Harvard Law School Executive Education, as well as a number of KPMG’s leading professionals from across the network. 



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