Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

US brands have numerous competing priorities as the country emerges from the pandemic. From responding to the global slowdown to retaining talent, tackling silo-based processes and technologies to grappling with cyber security and regulation, the to-do list is extensive. Overcome these challenges and brands can have the agility to respond to rapid and repeated change and deliver the intentional customer experience that builds a sustainable business. 

One clear lesson from this year’s CEE rankings is that Personalization is a cornerstone of customer success. Brands across the Grocery retail sector have implemented new technologies to improve in-store experiences and personalize customer engagement, and the sector is this year’s top performing. The year’s leading brand also scored highly in Personalization, leveraging digital to tailor engagement to customers' individual experiences. USAA came in at the top spot for a second year, with Costco Wholesale in second place, and Chick-fil-A in third. 

In March 2022, USAA rolled out a major upgrade of its mobile banking app, employing machine learning technology to deliver integrated, personalized experiences for their customers. If personalization is in part defined by the most seamless and efficient method to deliver for the customer, and recognizing time and effort as key to success, then the upgrade has proved integral: 98% of transactions on the app are now accessible with two taps or less. 

The organization's personalization extends to individual interests, sense of identity, anxieties and concerns, and the company is harnessing opportunities to exceed expectations, delivering what they call ‘delighters’ via the app.

Leveraging an app to enhance customer experience in the financial services sector is reflected elsewhere in the rankings. MetLife increased its CEE position by 128 places (from 185 to 57) after introducing a new mobile app that alleviates the stress consumers feel about their finances.

Other standouts in the survey include Chick-fil-A who test new customer service ideas from its innovation center In Atlanta, and H-E-B supermarkets who use their strong sense of purpose to make the lives of everyday people better.

Orchestrating the customer journey across company silos is more important than ever before to maintain momentum in the wake of COVID-19. As customer behavior continues to change, fuelled by hyperinflation and threats to standards of living, aligning marketing, sales and service around the customer will likely be key to delivering connected experiences and optimized cost outcomes. Many US brands who have excelled in the study this year have played the long game by investing in connecting their offline and online, back and front office processes and technologies. The potential benefits of these accrue over time and help ensure successful sustainability.

Jeff Mango
Managing Director, Customer Experience Lead
KPMG in the US

2022 Top Ten

  01. USAA

  02. Costco Wholesale

  03. Chick-fil-A

  04. Amazon

  05. H-E-B

  06. L.L Bean

  07. Navy Federal Credit Union

  08. Charles Schwab

  09. Discover

  10. Merill Lynch