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Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

There are major challenges on the horizon for UK brands, among them the cost-of-living crisis, inflation, and investor, regulator and customer pressure on companies to consider their approach to sustainability.

Research shows that the economic forecast is already changing the balance between customer experience and value; while experience has historically been the most significant factor when it comes to customer loyalty and advocacy, price will play a more significant role over the next 12 months. Consumers will want market-leading pricing to go hand in hand with excellent customer experience, and organisations are having to reconcile this with the vital pursuit of sustainability, in the face of a potentially deepening recession.

One organization that is managing through these challenges is Pharmacy2U, whose approach to CX has resulted in the organization ranking number one in the UK this year. One of eight non-grocery retail brands in the UK top ten, the online pharmacy provides a much-needed solution through a seamless omnichannel journey.  Its purpose embodies how it delivers value, a convenient service that is confidential, safe and secure and offers low prices for genuine UK medicines.

Pharmacy2U has moved up five places in this year's UK rankings. It has been involved in piloting the electronic transfer of prescriptions across the UK and managing NHS repeat prescriptions on behalf of patients. The success of its model and CX approach reflects a demand for a service that removes the pain points of ordering and collecting prescriptions, an issue that affects millions of people. 

Since it was launched in 2000, Pharmacy2U has completely redesigned the customer’s pharmacy journey. It offers an omnichannel CX solution, fusing real-world and digital tools that provide convenience and build trust. A mobile app, push notifications via email, and the ability to manage repeat prescriptions online are coupled with a contact center of pharmacists who provide human reassurance and insight when needed. This seamless approach saw it attaining the highest scores of all brands for the pillars of Personalization, Integrity and Empathy.

As one respondent to the research described, "this company provides a great service. Place your prescription requirements online with your GP and the prescription is usually delivered within three or four days maximum. No need to leave your house. The older you get, the more you truly appreciate this service."

Navigating the year ahead will likely require executive teams to deliver value to customers like never before. To survive, the table stakes may be better management of costs and smarter pricing. But to also thrive, leaders will need to deliver a different kind of value: social purpose, sustainability and standing for far more than profit. The best brands will likely be those that know the value of purposeful values.

Tim Knight
Partner, Head of Customer & Operations
KPMG in the UK

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