Czech Republic

Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

Customer Experience Excellence report 2022

Brands in the Czech Republic face a multitude of customer challenges in 2022. High inflation is forcing companies to improve their value proposition, the lingering 'WFH' culture means customers' shopping routines are less predictable, and uncertainty over an escalation of an armed conflict close to home has shifted customers’ priorities.

Czech brands are also facing the demands customers are making of companies around the world. Today’s customers want brands to align with their core values, to act responsibly and sustainably, and to have a tangible and positive impact in their local community. Customers are looking to brands for stability in an increasingly unstable world and staying loyal to those brands committed to tackling climate change and the biodiversity crisis and recognizing the economic hardships their customers may face.  

When times get tough, as COVID-19 has shown, companies have to be quick on their feet: identify new distribution and sales channels, adapt their systems, and be flexible. What’s absolutely key is linking the outside-in-that's your customers’ feedback-to the inside-out, your sales strategy. Listen to your customers. But don’t be a passive responder.

Tomas Potmesil
Country lead
KPMG in Czech Republic

One of the highest scoring brands in this year's Czech CEE brand rankings is Manufaktura, a Czech cosmetics retailer known for its range of traditional, handmade products made from local ingredients. In the past year they've improved their online shopping experience, invested in greener packaging, introduced new sustainable products and increased the percentage of recycled materials on sale.

The company scored 8.92 for time and effort, and their customers praised the "friendly and helpful staff” who offer help and “enough time at the store." Manufaktura's position in the rankings validates this investment in CX has tangible results, but also, perhaps, that the company's commitment to sustainability and capability of delivering familiarity has proved popular in uncertain times. 

Know what you want to achieve in CX and learn how to achieve it. Be an active orchestrator. Then you’ll win.

2022 Top Ten

  01. Air Bank

  02. Manufactura

  03. Zásilkovna

  04. Národní muzeum v Praze

  05. Národní divadlo v Praze

  06. Státní hrady a zámky

  07. Fio banka

  08. Dr.Max


  10. IKEA