There is a lot of discussion around 5G in manufacturing and also, tremendous value to be had for those who know where to find it. At the 2021 Hannover Messe, KPMG International professionals will be discussing with industrial manufacturers on how to explore next steps.

Find out how 5G was being adopted within the industrial manufacturing sector. Plus, hear how leading industrial manufacturers are creating massive value by creating the factory of the future and discover technologies that are being implemented. 

On April 14th at 14:00 CET, we invited you to join KPMG International’s Mike Stone, Global Head of Enterprise, 5G and Vinod Ramachandran, Global Head of Industry 4.0 as they livestream their insights and experiences helping leading industrial manufacturers get value from 5G technologies. 

In addition, KPMG International has developed videos to discuss use cases, opportunities and challenges with some of KPMG International’s top industrial manufacturing leaders. From ideas for accelerating transformation on the factory floor through to new solution sets and ideas for generating massive savings via technology enablement, these videos offer practical tips and actionable insights.


Hannover Messe 2021


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