Asset Management Regulatory Insights

Asset Management Regulatory Insights

The European asset management industry continues to face a challenging regulatory environment, with a series of long-running initiatives and new proposals on the horizon, some giving rise to new opportunities. To be successful in such interesting times, firms need to navigate a challenging course.

David Collington

Wealth and Asset Management, EMA FS Regulatory Insights Centre

KPMG in the UK

Blue mountains and sea with focus on telescope

Around the globe, regulators are increasing their supervisory and monitoring resources, both generally and specifically in relation to asset management. The articles on this page provide insights on how organizations can develop a holistic approach to manage the evolving asset management regulatory environment.

June 2022 Fund Liquidity
March 2022 Green product labels evolve
November 2021 Funds and fund managers come under the spotlight
July 2021 A regulatory smorgasbord
June 2021 Revisiting distribution
May 2021 ESG regulation widens and deepens
April 2021 Regulators renew their focus on liquidity
March 2021 
February 2021 Product governance: evolving expectations
January 2021
New Year regulatory spotlight
December 2020 Operating across borders
November 2020 Liquidity management linked to systemic risk concerns
October 2020 EU agenda: vast scale, fast pace
September 2020 Systemic risk debate re-opens
July 2020 What next for cross-border investment?
June 2020 Changes for alternative investment funds
May 2020 EU-UK border in sight
April 2020 Regulatory agenda advances
February 2020 The regulatory agenda grows
January 2020 A new agenda for a new decade
October 2019 Unrelenting focus on investment funds
September 2019 Liquidity risk management

July 2019

From conduct to culture

May 2019

Investors’ ESG demands drive regulation

April 2019

New capital requirements… and much more

March 2019

The retirement savings market

February 2019

Investment funds - rules, new rules and no rules

January 2019

Reviews, amendments and the AIFMD

November 2018

The systemic risk spotlight turns to leverage

October 2018

Regulatory focus on funds is relentless

July 2018

Contract certainty

June 2018

The global regulatory landscape

May 2018

Sustainable finance – rules, rules and more rules

March 2018

Cross-border fund distribution

February 2018

Global asset management model at risk?

January 2018

2018 - 2019: all change

November 2017

EU regulatory gaze turns to sustainable finance

October 2017

Scrutiny of corporate behaviour increases

September 2017

Moves to centralised regulation of EU funds and delegation arrangements

July 2017

Delegation – the shifting sands become rocks

June 2017

Succeeding in an uncertain regulatory landscape

May 2017

ESG and fiduciary responsibility – the tide is turning

May 2017

Scrutiny of corporate behaviour is not waning

April 2017

Tackling national barriers to cross-border fund distribution - the starting gun is fired

March 2017

Systemic risk: from global debate to local rules

February 2017

Delegation of collective portfolio management –
shifting sands

January 2017

A bumpy road ahead

November 2016

Fund costs and charges come under increased scrutiny

October 2016

Socially responsible investment moves up the regulatory agenda

September 2016

Helping to turn cash into long term investment

July 2016

Brexit and ‘passports’: mapping the landscape

June 2016

Responding constructively to closer regulatory scrutiny

May 2016

New disclosure document poses significant challenges for funds

April 2016

Funds under pressure – product governance faces regulatory scrutiny

February 2016

The regulatory landscape for investment management: navigating a challenging course

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