• David Rowlands, Partner |
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In the rapidly evolving world of AI, it’s difficult to find another technology that has had such a profound impact on the global workforce. Many of the world’s leading organizations are already using AI to augment human intelligence, not replace it, as they empower their workforce and transform the work.

The need for human thought and oversight, data analysis, critical thinking and decision-making is not disappearing. Nowhere is this more apparent than in professional service organizations like KPMG. And so, while our clients are looking to us for support, they’re also keenly interested in the lessons we’re learning in our own AI journey.

We’re approaching this new future as ‘client zero’. And we’re ‘walking the talk’ and following the same advice KPMG professionals provide to clients — designing and implementing an AI strategy that prioritizes human centricity in the way KPMG firms adopt innovation to enhance the KPMG workforce of the future.

The human factor is always what makes a difference in our work, and AI is a technology that has the potential to enhance us as individuals and the services and solutions KPMG firms provide to clients. 

Embracing AI to empower and augment human capabilities

The human side of our AI strategy is focused on building capabilities that help make AI part of everyday life and work for the KPMG network’s amazing global workforce of more than 270,000 people.

That may sound like a bold goal, but we want to get AI into the hands of our own people as quickly as possible to make good and responsible use of it. Recognize that the limit to capturing the value of AI is in how quickly people adapt and make use of it. And so, throughout KPMG, we’re reimagining peoples’ day-to-day roles, identifying new career opportunities that didn’t exist before AI, and we’re teaching KPMG people how to supercharge their work with the help of the latest AI tools.

Understanding and addressing the human impact of AI is our #1 priority. At KPMG, we’re changing the narrative — away from one that focuses on the threat of change, to one that empowers our people to embrace this technology and the immense opportunities AI presents. And as client zero, we’re applying the lessons we’re learning on our own journey, so KPMG professionals can support clients in reimagining their workforce of the future.

As AI scales, we recognize that it will introduce new complexities and risks that must be addressed clearly and responsibly. It’s why we’re ‘walking the talk’ in adhering to the principles and ethical pillars of the KPMG Trusted AI framework, our strategic approach for designing, building and using AI responsibly and ethically throughout our own organization and to augment the solutions and services KPMG firms deliver to clients. 

Immersing our entire workforce in ‘24 hours of AI’

To make sure our people have the skills to apply AI in their everyday work and KPMG firms use client solutions in a responsible and trusted way, we’re conducting inspiring and inclusive ‘24 hours of AI’ immersive events.

Over the course of 24 hours, all KPMG people around the world are invited to take part in hands-on workshops and prompt crafting sessions with AI super users and learning how to make the most of AI by using tools like Microsoft Copilot in various use cases and settings.

Importantly, they’re also being introduced to how KPMG firms are integrating AI into Audit, Tax and Advisory solutions as well as exploring practical use cases that have been designed to accelerate and enhance organizations’ audit processes, tax transparency and reporting obligations and meet clients’ ambitious business transformation objectives.

This is just the first phase of a lifelong AI learning adventure and more than 76,000 KPMG people have already having been engaged in ‘24 hours of AI’. The technology itself continues to evolve, and soon, all 270,000 KPMG people can also take part in enhanced trusted AI training.

It’s still early days, but the training is already proving to have high value for our people who are immediately applying practical learnings to their own work as well as to KPMG firms’ clients through KPMG’s AI-powered Audit, Tax and Advisory services.

The value of ‘walking the talk’

The knowledge and experience that KPMG people are gaining — and the lessons we’re learning in the process — are enabling KPMG professionals to deliver practical insights and proven approaches to help advance clients’ AI strategies. The combined expertise and direct AI experience of KPMG professionals is built on a human-centric approach, which I believe is what’s making the difference in the transformative outcomes that are being achieved by so many of KPMG firms’ clients.

Without question, advanced technologies often introduce complexity and risks that must be addressed clearly and responsibly. The field of AI is developing at a rapid pace — as is the KPMG Trusted AI framework. We’re continuously evolving our approach and our training to address these complexities while continuing to harness the power of AI in a trusted and ethical way.

I’m deeply interested in hearing about your own AI journey and the approach you’re taking to keep your business and your workforce on solid ground for the future. Please feel free to contact me to explore KPMG ‘client zero’ learnings further and share your own experiences in this rapidly evolving AI-powered world.