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Tax audit is top priority of the tax enforcement program administered by the Vietnamese authorities. The number of tax audit cases and corresponding tax collections have increased substantially, especially for matters related to indirect tax, transfer pricing and personal income tax. Further, tax regulations are becoming much more complicated and unclear, and the overall audit process can be overwhelming from the constant barrage of data requests and queries by the tax authorities. Consequently, many taxpayers end up settling unreasonably high taxes and penalties because they neither have sufficient resources to manage the overall tax audit, nor a clear strategy in defending their tax position. This can arise from not fully understanding the technical issues being challenged due to the changes and complexity referred to, and/or their rights and obligations during the tax audit proceedings.

To ensure the best defense seeking support from professional tax advisors to determine the best strategy is a must. With the largest tax advisory practice in Vietnam, KPMG has unparalleled experience in tax dispute resolution across all industries.

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