Today, policymakers are on the precipice of adopting mandatory and regulated sustainability reporting and the reporting landscape is poised to change drastically. The findings in KPMG’s 2022 ‘Survey of Sustainability Reporting’ reflect on the current state of reporting and overarching business strategies that can enable companies to meet increasing regulatory expectations – all while creating impact and generating value for society.

Highlights of findings:

  • The latest report from KPMG reveals that sustainability reporting has grown steadily, with 79 percent of leading companies providing sustainability reports 

  • There have been marked improvements in companies reporting carbon reduction targets, but action remains too slow in key related areas, with less than half of companies currently recognizing biodiversity loss as a risk 

  • Among the thousands of reports analyzed, less than half of the world’s largest companies are providing reporting on ‘social’ and ‘governance’ components of ESG  

  • KPMG outlines a series of recommendations, including companies shifting from a narrative-driven approach and making better use of data to drive change and provide evidence of action

The 2022 KPMG survey is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative pieces of global research on sustainability reporting, based on an analysis of financial reports, sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reports, and websites from 5,800 companies in 58 countries, territories and jurisdictions.

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