As the world continues to navigate complexities created during the pandemic, a new set of rules have emerged to govern how we operate our lives both personally and professionally. With ambiguity as the norm, leaders are under pressure to lead organizations through more complex and faster change.

Transformations are no longer one-time events but should be thought of as multi-functional, continuous evolutions to adapt the workforce to constantly changing external signals.

To help drive a transparent & cohesive transformation, this paper explores the new capabilities and characteristics needed to drive success:

  • Enabling leaders to drive change through enhancing their ability to empathize with their employees and to be open and transparent about where the organization is headed.
  • Creating a culture of change and trust to enable the workforce to be resilient in delivering on changing business objectives and driving innovation to scale for each new challenge.
  • Elevating the employee voice and positioning them at the forefront of change to maintain momentum and limit change fatigue throughout the continuous change cycle.

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