The priority of KPMG in Venezuela is the health and well-being of our professionals, our clients and society.

Our response and preventive measures are aligned with the medical recommendations and guidelines provided by KPMG International, as well as by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health authorities.

Response Team

KPMG aims to ensure the safety of our professionals, clients and related parties, as well as the continuous provision of key services and operations for our clients.

To this end, we have created the COVID-19 Care and Coordination Group to actively monitor, review and continuously manage the measures to be implemented in the face of a changing situation. The reviews include the management of current and potential impacts on our professionals, offices, operations and customer services.

In this regard, we have activated a contingency protocol to keep all our professionals informed and safe. 


We have suspended all business travel in and out of Venezuela. We have also suspended face-to-face meetings at our facilities and required our professionals to notify us of personal travel, among other measures. We will attempt to handle all of our conversations with customers and related parties via telephone or video conference. 

Home office modality

Our work culture embraces remote operation and we have the ability to have our professionals work from home if necessary. 

By means of best practices, methodologies and industry standards, we have made significant efforts to ensure that remote work is viable.

When working from home, our teams will keep in coordination and communication with our clients, to fulfill the commitments made and ensure the quality of our services.

We are monitoring the situation and continuously following up on the preventive measures announced by the authorities to adapt to the circumstances.