Geopolitical events and social trends underway today have the potential to drive the tax policy decisions of governments and the business strategies of global companies into the future.

To help businesses navigate these choppy waters, tax leaders should understand how geopolitical trends might play out, what threats might arise and how exposure can be mitigated. Many companies are taking steps to manage their exposure by scenario planning — considering what’s likely, what alternatives are credible, what’s unlikely and what’s worst case — so they can chart their best course forward. Tax leaders have an important part in these endeavors to shed light on the tax angles of the strategic decisions being made.

Global Tax Reboot: Geopolitics, tax policy and society in flux is a hub thought leadership campaign component of the Global Tax Summit and Beyond campaign.

The publication is based on the discussions of the 2023 KPMG EMA Tax Summit and aims to provide an informative and insightful analysis of important geopolitical forces at work today and how they may transform the business environment and direction of tax policy in the years to come. It also highlights some important considerations for tax leaders as they work to position their teams for success in the new global reality.