Sixteen highly qualified lawyers have recently joined KPMG Law in Caucasus and Central Asia, bringing extensive experience and knowledge across various legal areas, including corporate law, M&A, commercial law, intellectual property, currency regulation and data privacy matters.


  • Azamat Gumarov, a senior manager, has more than 10 years of work experience in large international companies, including the Big Four companies, with a focus on corporate law, M&A transactions, contracts, and commercial law.
  • Alexandr Alexeyev, an associate manager, has experience in law firms, including the Big Four, specializing in AIFC law, corporate law, and particularly in M&A transactions, construction, and EPC contracts.
  • Aigerim Mamayeva, a senior associate, specializes in civil and administrative litigation, covering tax, corporate, labor, and investment disputes.
  • Yerlan Akhmetov, a senior associate, focuses on supporting construction projects, IT startups, contract drafting, and assisting businesses in the AIFC jurisdiction.
  • Aiya Askarova, a senior associate, specializes in advising international companies on banking and financial legislation, as well as subsoil use law.
  • Zhanggir Aubakir, a senior associate specializing in corporate and labor law, as well as in data privacy matters.
  • Zere Kazhybek, an associate specializing in employment law, as well as in intellectual property and data privacy matters.
  • Aruzhan Rakhimova, a junior associate, specializes in corporate law.
  • Adil Mussabayev, a junior associate, has experience in corporate, labor and construction law.


  • Sarvar Miryakubov heads the legal practice at KPMG Law in Uzbekistan, boasting 18 years of legal expertise in banking law, financial law, corporate law, capital markets regulation, and bankruptcy.
  • Sevara Usmanova, a senior associate with a focus on legal advisory services, specializing in investment and infrastructure, corporate law, land law and commercial law.
  • Azizakhon Zakirova, an associate, focuses on legal support and assistance in investment transactions, labor issues, corporate matters, and construction law.
  • Milena Saakyan, a junior associate, provides advisory support to both private and public enterprises in corporate, labor, contract, and property law.


  • Mariam Harutyunyan, a senior associate, practices in various legal areas, including M&A, intellectual property and information technology law, contract law, corporate law, construction law, and PPP.
  • Susanna Amirkhanyan, an associate with more than 7 years of experience in large consulting companies and state bodies of the Republic of Armenia, with a focus on investment law, corporate law, and M&A. 


  • Aytan Teymurzade - Mamedova, a senior associate, specializes in corporate law, labor, and contract law.

KPMG Law stands out as a leader in the legal market, offering a comprehensive range of legal services in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.