In 2022, the e-commerce market in Uzbekistan achieved a remarkable milestone, reaching a size of 311 million US dollars. This signifies an almost fivefold growth over the past five years, solidifying its position as the fastest-growing e-commerce market in Central Asia. The robust expansion of e-commerce owes itself to multiple factors, including the increasing online presence of the population, government-backed initiatives that bolster the industry, and the emergence of local market players.

According to an analysis conducted by KPMG, the compound average annual growth rate for the e-commerce market in the period 2023-2027 is projected to fall within a range of 41.4% to 47.4%.

Moreover, this market research of e-commerce market in Uzbekistan delves into other aspects as key market drivers, opportunities, restraints, key market players and their performance indicators. In essence, the report provides an overview of the current state of Uzbekistan's e-commerce market and, grounded in thorough analysis, presents a forecast for its future market size.