Global Mobility Services

Global Mobility Services

Aligning our thinking to your talent management objectives, we can support you with the planning and management of your international workforce.

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Organizations worldwide are continuing to take advantage of global mobility programs. However, moving to a new location, especially a new country, requires attention to many details, requirements and procedures to both the company and the employee – from the receipt of work permits to the filing of a tax returns. Ukrainian state authorities are increasingly strengthening their control over the compliance with tax, migration and labor laws requirements. Therefore, there is a need for the professional comprehensive solution of the issues, taking into account the exposure to tax and labor risks.


Our services

KPMG team can help you at all stages related to the employment of foreign individuals at the Ukrainian company and to the work of the Ukrainians abroad, including assistance in preparation and filing tax returns for employees during their international assignment.

We offer the following services:

Migration compliance

  • Obtaining a work permit in Ukraine
    We help to obtain work permits for non-Ukrainian employees for their employment in Ukraine, as well as prepare other necessary documents related to their employment in Ukraine – an employment contract, a contract for the provision of personnel, etc.
  • Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine
    We help with the registration of documents for the temporary residence of foreign employees in Ukraine.
  • Registration of place of residence in Ukraine
    We accompany the process of registering a place of residence in Ukraine, since its registration is mandatory for foreign citizens as soon as the residence permit is received.
  • Tax ID number
    We provide our assistance to foreign citizens in obtaining a tax ID number.

Income Tax compliance 

  • Preparation of tax returns
    We provide full support in the preparation of tax returns: calculation tax liabilities (considering taxes paid in other jurisdictions), help with the tax return filing and the tax payment and communication with tax authorities, as well as assisting during tax audits.
  • Receipt of documents from tax authorities in Ukraine and abroad 
    We get certificates confirming the tax residency status, as well as certificates confirming the amount of income received and taxes paid both in Ukraine and abroad.

Advisory services

We offer a broad array of advisory services to help you improve business processes, including:

  • policy review, design, and development
  • process manuals and guides
  • international assignment process improvement
  • assignment planning

KPMG will well in advance help you with planning the relocation of employees from both into and outside Ukraine, including migration, social security issues, as well as the tax implications related to international assignments. It is important to understand the rules and how they impact the cost of international assignments so you can control organizational costs.


  • Comprehensive approach
    We provide a comprehensive approach to the issues related to the international relocation of personnel and help our clients to find best solutions to resolve problems according to individual needs and current external conditions.

    In addition, we have recently designed a new technology platform KPMG LINK Work Force to power your global mobility programs and processes. KPMG LINK Work Force is your one-stop compliance and global mobility management portal integrating tasks, information, and processes from the broader KPMG LINK suite of applications. Whether tracking compliance processes, managing authorized lists, or tracking employees through the assignment life-cycle, you can be sure that you are leveraging the most up-to-date information in a single system, streamlining compliance processes and ensuring that all processes are accomplished in an efficient, timely manner.
  • Access to the KPMG network
    KPMG offers an integrated, centrally managed global compliance process. Our experienced network of professionals in 154 countries will not only strive to ensure that you have great technology, but also work alongside you for your global mobility needs – travel policies, payroll requirements, tax returns, certificates of coverage, compensation sourcing, visas and work permits, audits and much more.
  • Experience
    In Ukraine our customers include more than 50 leading Ukrainian and international companies. The tools and advice we provide simplifies business functions and reduces time spent on compliance, making the assignee experience more seamless.

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