In today's highly complex regulatory environment, observing the minute permutations of ever-changing tax laws can be challenging. When your business enters a new and unfamiliar market, you need to turn to a proven contractor that you can trust to take care of all the necessary responsibilities.

KPMG’s experts operate in 143 countries and jurisdictions, meaning that they can help you understand how to run your business in a way that successfully navigates local and international tax law.

KPMG in Ukraine offers accounting services to its clients: an effective tool that helps companies free up valuable time and focus on doing what they do best: creating value. With legal taken care of, important business activities such as logistics, marketing, sales, and strategic planning get the focus and the attention they rightly need.


New, diverse changes in legislation mean that top management must pay constant attention to avoid any potential missteps, with robust interaction and deep insight across all departments of any company.  Regular cycles of tax audits and recent increased scrutiny have increased pressures on companies to produce better, high-quality information within a tight deadline.

KPMG in Ukraine’s accounting services mean that our clients benefit from:

  • a high quality of service delivery
  • our ability to effectively combine personal and professional knowledge of tax regimes in different countries with the specifics of accounting in Ukraine
  • an effective management of tax risks using the experience and knowledge of our specialists to cover all aspects of accounting and taxation.

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How KPMG in Ukraine can help you

The KPMG in Ukraine team can help make your business more profitable and secure by building an effective financial and tax accounting system that operates in accordance with current Ukrainian legislation.

We start our work with a detailed study of your company's needs, stakeholder goals, corporate culture, as well as assessing any potential tax risks.

Services we offer:

  • Organisation of your company’s accounting and advice about accounting methodologies that meet Ukrainian regulatory requirements.
  • Comments on the effectiveness of your company’s tax/finance department (analysing the structure, management processes, roles, responsibilities, headcount, and relevant employee qualifications; comparison with leading industry examples (best practices)).
  • Accounting and reporting services.
  • Preparation of management accounts (including restatement of accounts in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)).
  • Preparation and analysis of tax returns.
  • Advising on financial and tax accounting issues.
  • Recovery of lost accounting or tax data.
  • Assistance in implementing enterprise resource planning systems (ERPs).
  • Support implementing software products to automate accounting and other automated systems for managing your company’s internal processes.
  • Support and advisory services during tax audits.
  • Payroll calculation and related report preparation.
  • Personnel administration (assessing the level employee qualification in the accounting/finance department).
  • Verification of the accuracy of payroll and personnel records.
  • Outstaffing/secondment services.

Why KPMG in Ukraine?

  • Our customized approach to communicating with our clients takes into account the specifics of each company's activities and helps meet the needs of both local and foreign management.
  • We do more than just presenting numbers and data, we study their impact on the our clients' operational strategies, identifying and helping clients avoid potential risks in advance.
  • We are highly experienced in successfully assisting clients set up effective accounting and taxation systems.
  • We ensure data security and confidentiality for your company.