KPMG understands the financial and operational drivers of infrastructure and PPP projects, able to envisage transactions from the viewpoint of both public and private sector players. We offer companies a professional approach to the infrastructure and PPP sector by bringing our global network of experts together and providing businesses with a wealth of experience in all stages of realising infrastructure and PPP projects. Our experience in Ukraine is supported and supplemented by KPMG’s Global Infrastructure Group which is consistently recognised as a leader in its field.

Typical PPP projects involve the construction/reconstruction of transport infrastructure (airports, roads, railroads, tunnels, bridges), public buildings (hospitals, schools, museums), utilities (water supply, wastewater, waste processing), energy, as well as operation and maintenance of these facilities.

In such projects, the private sector commits to the development, construction, and finance of facilities, continuing to operate them in accordance within parameters and standards established by the local, regional or national government. For these efforts, the private sector is compensated by the public sector, with the amount depending on the results achieved and services provided. For some projects, part or all of this payment comes from the revenues generated by the commercial operation of the facility.

Implementing PPP projects is a therefore a very complex task. In addition to the proper legal framework, successful implementation depends on correctly evaluating a project’s economic feasibility, as well as an appropriate structure and a clear coordination of the work of all parties. The assistance of an experienced advisor is therefore essential for such projects.

Our services

Services to public sector

KPMG’s Infrastructure and PPP group helps its public clients to assess the different ways of implementing infrastructure and social projects (such as using a PPP mechanism) in order to get maximum value for money and ensure bankability.

Services to private sector

KPMG’s Infrastructure and PPP group helps its private clients to achieve successful financial closing of infrastructure projects. KPMG’s services include: market sounding, structuring, preparation of documents, roadshow, negotiations with lenders and equity investors, etc.