Being part of KPMG's international network gives us access to a broad array of potential investors and bankers, allowing KPMG in Ukraine to provide valuable advice to our clients when it comes to international transactions and financing.

We can provide assistance when organising finance for particular investment projects and complex business development programmes.

Financing can be arranged in the form of your choice. If you have not yet chosen a form, KPMG can advise you on which of the potential sources of financing is most appropriate in any particular case.

Work generally begins by analysing a company's strategy, its financial position, property and debt portfolio, the reasons for raising finance, identification of key success factors, and an assessment of the investment appeal for various types of investors. Based on this analysis, we recommend one or more of the most beneficial means of financing a business and map out a plan of action to raise capital.

Our services

After determining identifying the source(s) of finance, KPMG helps you to prepare a set of documents for potential investors and/or creditors. As part of this work, KPMG specialists will help you:

  • analyse the efficiency of an investment project;
  • develop marketing, financial, and organisational plans for your project;
  • identify the main project risks and develop various ways to minimise them; 
  • prepare such documents as: a business plan, feasibility study, investment memo, advertising prospectus, issue prospectus, and any other necessary documentation;
  • develop arrangements to secure the performance of obligations from banks and investors.

When this stage is completed, we help companies seek out and attract investors and/or creditors to their project on a tender basis. KPMG can also organise more complex forms of financing where necessary, such as: leveraged finance, securitisation, the creation of real estate funds, etc.