Companies extensively raising financing and promoting their products on international financial and commodity markets are facing growing expectations of investors, counterparties, creditors and regulators on sustainability issues. Today companies are expected to develop a strategic ESG (environmental, social, governance) vision and implement projects in the area of environmental protection, climate change prevention, reduction of carbon footprint of products, uninterrupted operation, as well as compliance with the principles of corporate governance and human rights.

The impact of ESG factors on companies’ financial performance is becoming more apparent every year. Now decision-making on non-financial issues not only affects the reputation of the company, but also has tangible economic consequences. There is a growing interest among investors in sustainable businesses and tools that allow them to be identified – ESG ratings and indexes, which contain systematized and comparable information on ESG management by various companies.

KPMG professionals have many years of international experience in provision of services in the areas of sustainability management, ESG reporting and investor communications, thereby helping companies to develop sustainable development practices and improving position in ESG ratings.

We are ready to support your company on the following issues:

  • Analysis of investors’ expectations regarding ESG aspects management,
  • Preparation of the relevant list of ESG ratings for participation,
  • Diagnostics of the current level of ESG-issues management practices,
  • ESG strategy development,
  • Development and assistance in the implementation of the Roadmap on the development of ESG issues management practices and raising positions in ESG ratings and indexes,
  • Assistance in completing and improving ESG analyst questionnaires.

Working on improving ESG aspects will help your business to manage ESG risks more effectively and improve accessibility to funding and commodity markets.

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