The best available technology (BAT) is the technology ensuring the production of goods, performance of work and provision of services based on modern advances in science and technology with minimal impact on the environment. The introduction of the BAT fundamentally changes the government regulation of environmental protection, which creates certain risks for production companies. 

Based on our extensive experience with production companies around the world, KPMG offers services related to comprehensive analysis of risks inherent in the transition to the BAT and development of the risk mitigation strategy along with realization of all opportunities provided by laws.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive assessment of risks and opportunities when switching to the BAT in view of economic incentives.
  • Development of the BAT implementation strategy considering the specifics of the production process and external factors.
  • Development of documentation related to the BAT implementation and obtaining environmental permits required by law, as well as voluntary reporting demonstrating the efficiency of the BAT implementation.
  • Development, implementation, and improvement of monitoring and industrial environmental control procedures based on the world’s best practice and other services.

Our approach is based on the detailed analysis of production processes, comprehensive assessment of risks and opportunities, and application of the international best practice when developing measures aimed at achieving the company’s strategic goals.