KPMG Global Cyber Day 2022: cybersecurity consultants to run educational sessions for junior and senior school students in October

The majority of Ukrainian schools currently conduct their education online, so it is vitally important to teach children safe behaviour when using the internet. To encourage this, KPMG in Ukraine has begun preparing for KPMG Global Cyber Day 2022, to take place in October this year, as part of International Cyber Security Month.

KPMG Global Cyber Day is an essential initiative for teaching children the basics of cyber hygiene and safe behaviour on the internet, including how to behave on social networks and during online games, and how to counter cyberbullying. KPMG Global Cyber Day is a voluntary initiative by the company and KPMG employees to help develop a safe society both in Ukraine and across the wider world.

How will KPMG Global Cyber Day be held in Ukraine?

Led by Alex Yankovsky, partner at KPMG in Ukraine, KPMG cyber security consultants will hold interactive training sessions on 14 or 21 October 2022. These sessions are designed to enable students in junior (aged 7–10) and senior (age 11–17) classes to enhance their cyber awareness skills and will be held online. The exact date will be announced shortly.

Any school in Ukraine can join.

Additionally, we encourage you to share this form with other parents to apply for the programme. 

Important: For school registration with KPMG Global Cyber Day 2022, schools must submit the contact details of the school representative responsible for authorising lectures for students. The person submitting this application should discuss the event with the relevant school representative in advance and be aware that, in case of successful processing, KPMG in Ukraine will be in contact for further discussion, organisation, and holding of training sessions.

Let’s create a safe digital space for our children together!