A series of dedicated webinars generated tremendous interest: we received 415 registrations from over 180 Ukrainian companies. The audience put numerous questions to our experts, who provided comprehensive and substantial answers and their speeches at the end of the webinars were very warmly received. This once again attests to the exceptional professionalism of our colleagues, who not only are willing to share their knowledge with others but are also ready to help meet challenges of any level of complexity.

August 3: many people attended the webinar "Ready to invest! How do IT companies prepare for the process of attracting investments?” where Svitlana Shcherbatyuk, Illya Segeda, Maksym Zavalnyy, and Gennadii Reznichenko covered in detail all aspects of the investment activities of IT companies.

August 4: during the webinar "Development and prospects of the IT industry: risks and tax issues" Oleksandr Boboshko, Andrii Buznytskyi, and Mariia Klepakova discussed the key tax risks faced by IT companies, CFC, and the main benefits and features of Dia City.

August 5: the final day of our KPMG IT Week was dedicated to the subject of audit. During the webinar "Transparency and Openness: Auditing Financial Statements in IT area" Sergey Gasparyan and Tetyana Milko shared with the audience some useful information about the specifics of auditing financial statements in the sphere of IT.

In addition, our colleagues explained in detail how to prepare properly for a Big-Four audit, and during a small interactive survey they provided an opportunity to test their knowledge on specific cases.