KPMG employees participated in tree planting in Kyiv

KPMG employees participated in tree planting in K...

On 27 April Evolution Media holding initiated a traditional Earth Day Tree Planting. This time the participants of the event planted trees in the Ostrovskogo Park located in Solomyansky district. This initiative was supported by the Kyiv team of KPMG Ukraine.


This year 150 people from 24 socially responsible companies, including KPMG Kyiv team, took part in tree planting. Juniper, cedar, spruce, and boxwood, 95 plants in total, were put into the ground. This initiative has become a part of a larger scale Green Publishing Project launched by Evolution Media holding in March 2011.


Sergiy Nazarov, CEO of the holding, thanked the participants of the initiative for social and environmental activity:


"We were very pleased to meet once again with your company representatives on 27 April at the Ostrovskogo park, to spend a wonderful spring day together by planting over a hundred of seedlings and improving the park area. It is very important that together we save hundreds of trees from being felled and plant new ones, which means that our city is now greener, more comfortable and beautiful."


The event was held in an informal and relaxed atmosphere with buffet and musical accompaniment. KPMG employees who participated in this initiative share their impressions:


Kateryna Gomelyuk, Audit Assistant:


"First of all, we liked the idea to make though not so great, however, own contribution to the city improvement. Park is a place where both adults and children have rest and recreation; therefore, we were also inspired that newly planted trees would delight the eye of visitors.


Such projects provide an excellent opportunity to meet interesting people and to establish new contacts that can be the basis for building business relationships in the future. This event is a practical way to contribute to the environmental improvement that is currently of high priority.”


Vladimir Zhyganov, Audit Assistant:


"I believe that every company has to make a contribution to the stability of the environment. Business must take care of the environment in which it operates. Personally, I have always been interested in such events, and in addition, as I am a part of KPMG, I found it necessary to support this company initiative.


Moreover, I was very pleased to participate in this project. While we spent quite a bit of time, I hope we made a good job for the park. I would like to thank KPMG and the participants of this initiative for cool atmosphere and interesting experience!"


Kateryna Krugliakova, Audit Assistant:


"Not everyone understands the importance of such events, but one can demonstrate to the public by personal example that we can and must help our environment. Moreover, it is an excellent way to have a good time with friends, colleagues, and establish contacts with other companies’ representatives.


In my opinion, such events should be held regularly and attract more and more people. After all, when you plant at least one tree or bush with your own hands and then see how it grows and blooms - you feel a close connection to Mother Nature and greater responsibility for its preservation for future generations”.



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