On 16 December 2021 the IX-th International Forum for the Promotion of Legal Services hosted an awards ceremony for winners of the PLS TOP TEAMS 2021 annual survey, which recognises leading specialists and departments within marketing, PR, and legal business development practices. Corporate and personal awards for achievements related to the promotion and development of the industry were also presented.

The leading teams in the area of promoting law firms were ranked into four groups: platinum, golden, silver, and bronze.

KPMG Law Ukraine once more won the golden award. In addition, our company won in the "Most Effective Internal Communications" nomination. These awards are testament to KPMG Law Ukraine selecting the right PR strategy and implementing it methodically and successfully, which enabled us to consolidate a solid reputation in the legal services market.

We thank the KPMG professionals for their productive and successful efforts, and are also grateful to the organisers of the survey for recognising and honouring our company.