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Since gaining independence, Ukraine has been on the path of change for 30 years. The country’s generation-long transformation journey is a story of ups and downs, missteps and accomplishments, changes and opportunities. But instead of dwelling on the past, we are investigating the future, hoping for the best and believing in the nation’s future prosperity.

«What has independence given me?» is a rhetorical question, isn't it? Independence is an opportunity for everyone: for society, for the community, for the nation as a whole. Thirty years ago, Ukraine gained its independence, and this has provided opportunities to build an effective state, a free economy, a thriving culture, and a proud nation.

During this period of time, a parallel story of business has taken place which has also changed in its attitude towards employees, processes, and goals. Over the last thirty years, Ukrainian business has changed and matured: businesses have redefined themselves and developed, merged and been absorbed by foreign companies, been forced to adapt to new digital realities and new consumer preferences, but all businesses have changed in this time. In the 1990s, focus groups were held asking people if it was safe to buy food in private stores. At the time, this question did not seem strange; the state was responsible for the quality of products and everyone was accustomed to this reality. Now we can safely say that both business and consumer attitudes have grown up in the last thirty years."

Andriy Tsymbal
Managing Partner
KPMG in Ukraine

In KPMG Review Magazine "Ukraine: Taking The Path of Change", we explore this idea from the perspective of our expert speakers and answer the following questions:

  • Where is Ukraine heading? 
  • How have foreign partners contributed to the country’s development?
  • Why is reform critical to improve Ukraine’s investment climate?
  • What does “state government system modernisation” mean?
  • Which changes can be made to help local businesses grow? Where is there room improvement?
  • How do government institutions change from the inside?
  • What can cities do to support innovation and technological progress?