Agile or irrelevant

Redefining resilience

The social, economic and technological headwinds we have seen emerge in recent years are no longer short term. While CEOs continue to see exciting growth opportunities, they are set against a complex, volatile and increasingly uncertain environment. To be resilient, organizations need to be comfortable disrupting their business models if they want to continue to grow. This is what we mean by being agile

This focus on agility is also redefining what we mean by resilience. In the past, it was about battening down the hatches in the face of short-term headwinds. Organizations looked to defend their positions and use scale to maintain competitive advantage.

Bill Thomas, Chairman KPMG International:

One of the most compelling findings in this year’s Global CEO Outlook is that over two-thirds of chief executive officers believe that agility is the new currency of business. If they fail to adapt to a constantly changing world, their business will become irrelevant. This is a stark choice.

2019 CEO Outlook in Ukraine

Welcome to KPMG Ukraine’s second annual CEO Outlook. More than 130 CEOs and business leaders talked to us about their plans for the future, their expectations, the major risks that they foresee, their business strategies and goals, and the key drivers to their businesses in uncertain times. Uniquely, our survey runs alongside a worldwide report, KPMG’s Global CEO Outlook, so that you have the opportunity to set the results from Ukraine against a broader international backdrop.

About 2019 Global CEO Outlook in Ukraine

In 2019, KPMG in Ukraine conducted its second survey of CEOs in Ukraine. The survey covered 130 CEOs operating in various industries. The survey was conducted in Ukraine between 15 March and 30 May 2019. The survey included 14 questions derived from the KPMG 2019 Global CEO Outlook.

Of the 130 CEOs, who completed the survey, 81 came from companies with revenues of EUR$8 million or less; 18 from companies with revenues between EUR$8 million and EUR$40 million, and 31 from companies with revenues of EUR$40 million or more.

The reported survey findings have been compared with the KPMG 2019 Global CEO Outlook, which was based on a survey of 1,300 CEOs from across the world. The survey was conducted between 8 January and 20 February 2019. Of the 1,300 CEOs, 310 came from companies with revenues between US$500 million and US$999 million; 543 from companies with revenues between US$1 billion and US$9.9 billion; and 447 from companies with revenues of US$10 billion or more.

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