The consumer and retail industry faces significant headwinds that will not abate soon: innovation, disruption from new market entrants, data analytics and consolidation. The challenges and opportunities of such an environment requires the agility and speed that M&A might provide - to stay competitive, now and in the long term.

To help you understand the key trends impacting the deal environment in 2018, we've published a new report, Capturing New Growth Opportunities, to help see where the opportunities are, and to understand how M&A might be the solution to sustained growth in an ever-evolving market.

It discusses how M&A is becoming a key solution to some of the major challenges businesses are facing. It also throws light on the expected top M&A trends for this sector in 2018.

Assessing the impact to your business

As many organizations are discovering, the right deal can dramatically accelerate transformation, drive growth and increase portfolio value. Strategic, well-executed transactions are in many cases enabling faster growth – through access to new markets, sales and distribution channels and/or new capabilities, or by simplifying and optimizing infrastructure, operations and costs.

In this report, we also look into some key consideration for your business after examining these trends.

  1. How can you reshape strategic plans accordingly?
  2. Have you considered an M&A deal to further diversify your portfolio and increase its value?
  3. Have you considered a strategic review of your corporate assets to assess vulnerabilities and identify new options for success?
  4. Have divestments and asset swaps been properly considered as a part of your strategy?
  5. Have you fully assessed how the right partnership can help you respond to changing consumer demands?

For a full list of key consideration, download the report, or speak to one of KPMG's deals and sector experts.

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