Victor Shekera

Tax Advisor, Tax & Legal, Tax Advisory

KPMG in Ukraine

Victor has over 27 years of professional experience in tax, audit, accounting and consulting on tax, accounting and related matters.

Victor manages the group of the high-skilled tax specialists of the Ukrainian KPMG office providing clients with a wide range of services, including the following:

  • tax audits of the tax reporting of the Ukrainian and international businesses in respect of corporate income tax, VAT and other taxes (core and main services provided by the Group);
  • consulting on practical application of the Ukrainian tax laws, accounting and financial reporting standards, both UNAS and IAS/IFRS;
  • drafting official requests to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine on the legislatively unsettled accounting and tax treatment matters;
  • preparing or amending of accounting policies, internal orders and other source documents, effective structuring of the paperflow confirming accounting and tax records and declarations figures;
  • deferred taxes (calculation, verification, methodological consulting and trainings).

Having high competence and understanding of the tax authorities thinking, the specialists of the Group provide services to KPMG clients operating in Ukraine in various industries (wholesale and retail trading, production entities, energy sector, financial services and banking, pharmaceutics, information technologies, agriculture, etc.).