In a sector driven by fast-growth, the emergence of non-traditional competitors and markets challenges established technology business models.

In a sector driven by fast-growth, and the emergence of non-traditional competitors...

Digital convergence is driving expansion and growth in the technology media and telecommunications industries, bringing new opportunities for profit as well as spiraling operational demands.Many of today’s companies are just now addressing the operational risks and challenges inherent in their digital strategies — whether monetizing new digital assets or ensuring that internal financial, IT and other systems are integrated and functioning well globally. KPMG understands that when it comes to tackling tough problems, our firm's clients look for a relationship based on trust and facilitated by regular and open communications. We’re pleased that many technology, media and telecommunications companies have chosen our firms as their business and financial advisor. It is a distinction our professionals work hard to earn each and every day.

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Our firm has the experience, resources, and skills to work with technology, media and telecommunications clients globally to address issues impacting their business.

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KPMG’s technology professionals understand this changing and challenging environment. We combine industry knowledge with technical experience to provide insights that help technology leaders deal with their complex business models. Our professionals go beyond today's challenges to anticipate the potential long and short-term consequences of shifting business, financial and technology strategies. We also help clients explore potential obstacles to change and collaborate on critical decisions that can deliver real value to their businesses.