US IPOs & security offerings

US IPOs & security offerings

We can assist with differences between current basis of accounting and US GAAP and also benchmark your financial statements against industry peers.

We can assist with differences between current basis of accounting and US GAAP.


Want to enter or expand your presence in the US Market?

Are you thinking of raising capital through a US IPO on the NYSE or NASDAQ? Or through an exempt offering (Rule 144A) or private placement to US investors?

Is your investor looking for an exit strategy either through a US IPO or trade sale?

We can help you through the process by giving relevant US GAAP Accounting and SEC advice on each of the stages.

Your issue

  1. Are you debating the Pros and Cons of a US IPO?
  2. Do you need someone to lead you through the US IPO process including the SEC requirements, helping to identify all the critical steps for a successful completion?
  3. Are you looking for an auditor in connection with a SEC Registration or filing?
  4. Do you have audited financial statements under IFRS/US GAAP/Local GAAP, but need to understand what else is involved to register with the SEC?
  5. Do you want to minimise the number of review comments from the SEC or need help to address them?
  6. Would you like to spin-off part of your business either through sale or IPO?
  7. Do you need assistance in drafting your Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)?
  8. Have you acquired a foreign business and need help preparing US GAAP financial statements or pro formas?

How can we help

  • We have extensive experience in US IPO transactions both as auditors and advisors. We will explain the process, highlight the areas and milestones critical for a US IPO based on our experience and act as a sounding board throughout.
  • We can carry out audits of your financial statements going into the registration statement.
  • We can advise your accounting team on the additional reporting requirements of the SEC.
  • We can provide a fresh review of your Financial Statements for quality/completeness of disclosures. We are knowledgeable about SEC focus areas and hot topics.
  • We can facilitate the development of pro forma US GAAP financial statements.
  • We can help develop underlying analysis and gather supporting documentation to support the drafting of your MD&A.
  • We have the expertise to help you to prepare US GAAP Financial Statements.

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