US GAAP and/or SEC secondments

US GAAP and/or SEC secondments

Our professionals can provide dedicated support on any US GAAP or SEC issues, for as long as required.

Our professionals provide support on any US GAAP or SEC issues, for as long as required.

US GAAP/SEC reporting secondments

Experiencing a short term shortage in highly qualified professionals with US GAAP Accounting and/or SEC knowledge while facing quarterly, annual, or one-off reporting? Going through a change such as an acquisition or other changes and need help from experienced professionals?

Your issue

  1. Do you have concerns about meeting US GAAP reporting deadlines due to turnover staff or the temporary loss of a team member?
  2. Have you or are you being acquired? Are you conducting an acquisition and need to carry out a US GAAP conversion for reporting or to support the acquisition process? Or do you need assistance to meet SEC Filing requirements in this situation?
  3. Are you going through a US IPO and need additional personnel or assistance throughout the process?

How can we help?

  1. We can provide technical staff with US GAAP/SEC experience to support your team of professionals through that period. In addition you will benefit through use of our network of specialists throughout KPMG.
  2. We can provide US GAAP Accounting and SEC reporting ad-hoc support or advice on specific transactions as required.

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