Quality Close and Finance Function Effectiveness

Quality Close and Finance Function Effectiveness

KPMG professionals support companies by improving the speed and quality of financial close and reporting process.

KPMG aims to perform a quality close and increase quality, speed by decreasing cost.

KPMG professionals assist clients in creating an efficient and effective financial close process with a focus to increase quality and speed and decrease cost of financial processes. 

With the introduction of quality close, KPMG helps clients to analyze their finance function based on financial and operational processes that supply information to finance function, risks and controls, technology and organization aspects. KPMG helps clients to implement required changes with a view towards increased efficiency, earlier and accurate information, enhanced controls, reduced financial risks and increasing their ability to support decision making throughout the organization. KPMG’s finance function effectiveness services help clients balance compliance and performance requirements of the finance function by re-designing financial processes.

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