Press Release | 9 July 2020

KPMG provides tips on staying connected with your clients

KPMG provides tips on staying connected with your clients

Charoen Phosamritlert, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos

Bangkok, 9 July 2020

During these times, companies that act with integrity and empathy may stand the best chance of supporting their customers and protecting their business, while also laying the seeds for future growth. Here are some tips to help with that.

To stay connected with clients, firstly, organizations must have future insight – be ‘flexible’, adapt to changing situations and combine intelligent insights with the technology and vision of the future to provide the best service. Secondly, be ‘everyone-centric’. Think as if you are the clients to understand what they need and be flexible to the needs of different groups. Thirdly, be ‘human’. Keep your language simple to explain the why and the benefits of your products and services to your customers. Provide clear and ongoing communication is vital in the time of constant change and uncertainties. Lastly, ‘listen and respond’ to the customers while continuously monitoring the situation. If it is not working, change it. 

“So far, we have seen examples of companies quickly reacting to the circumstances and delivering to the customers’ needs,” says Charoen Phosamritlert, Chief Executive Officer, KPMG in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. “For example, in the UK and the UAE, Marks and Spencer has partnered with Deliveroo – a food delivery company – to provide home delivery option and same-day delivery service. Quick responses show the flexibility that companies need to rapidly adapt to evolving customer preferences.”

After reaching out and staying connected with your clients, it is also important to enhance their customer experience. KPMG recommends the six pillars of customer experience that focuses on integrity and empathy to connect emotionally with customers.

  • Empathy: show that you care, choose the right emotional response to meet the customers’ circumstances.
  • Personalization: understand the customers’ circumstances, putting the customer in control of their choices.
  • Time and effort: make it easy for customers to access information.
  • Expectations: set, manage and meet customer expectations accurately in these difficult times.
  • Resolution: respond rapidly to customer needs and find solutions to customer problems by accelerating innovation.
  • Integrity: Do the right thing, prioritize safety, protect the vulnerable and act fairly.

“When we emerge from the global crisis, consumers will have changed their behaviors, which will have a long-lasting impact,” continues Charoen. ”To compete, companies will need to differentiate themselves in the market to embrace these new changes and serve the expectations of their customers.”

These are some key considerations to staying connected to your clients to enhance your business. For more tips on staying connected and growing your business, visit this link.


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