Emergence of the EV Market

Electric Vehicles, or EVs, are gaining increased interest in Thailand. In the context of transformation in the transportation industry and the push towards decarbonization, EV is a game changer. The movement is being driven by the strong will of all stakeholders – the government, corporates, and consumers – who, as part of their own personal carbon journeys, are increasingly moving towards EVs. As a result, Thailand has developed a favorably evolving policy environment to provide the right push to the EV market and accelerate the development of EV production and related value chain.

Emergence of the EV Market
EV Value Chain
EV Value Chain

How KPMG can help

KPMG has end-to-end capabilities in delivering solutions that help you address your needs and challenges across the EV value chain and throughout the project lifecycle. Our team includes experts from around the world who have accumulated extensive experience in various areas pertinent to EV. Key areas where we can assist include but not limited to:

How KPMG can help - Electric Vehicles in Thailand

Apart from our focus areas above, we can also support you on:

  • Operational excellence – business process/performance improvement, and technology enablement;
  • Organization & people advisory – organization design, workforce/talent management, transformation change management
  • Risk management & internal control – internal control review, risk compliance, and forensics;
  • Compliance management e.g., domestic and international standard compliance, environmental compliance, human rights compliance, and other regulatory compliance.
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – ESG advisory, ESG assurance

Let us be your clear choice to support you along the journey.