Latest edition – H1 2020

H1’20 was unlike any time period ever seen before. The emergence of COVID-19 was a major black swan event, sending ripples throughout public markets and driving changes in customer and business behaviors on an unprecedented scale. Given the pandemic, deals activity ground almost to a halt, with many of the completed deals in H1’20 hangover from 2019.

Fintech investments during H1’20 put a spotlight on long-term trends, including the growing importance of APIs and open data and the blurring of lines between fintech, big tech and platform providers. They also highlighted the acceleration of digital trends, such as the use of digital payments and importance of digital business models.

Looking ahead, uncertainty is expected to linger through the remainder of the year. Payments will likely continue to be a hot and competitive sector for fintech investment, while regtech could grow on investors' radar as corporates look to better manage risk. The increasing use of digital financial services models will likely spur investments in ancillary areas, such as fraud prevention, digital identity management and cybersecurity.



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VC investment in fintech remains robust as M&A activity stalls.

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