Thought Leadership

COVID-19 has created previously unthinkable consequences for our health as well as for our global and local economies.  Unlike past economic downturns and crises that have had more predictable impacts, this pandemic has challenged every aspect of our businesses.  In many ways it is accelerating previous trends, such as in digitalization and workforce transformation.  But in other ways, it is forcing us to react to unforeseen problems and to completely re-think how we plan our investments, manage our resources and connect with our customers.  

With so many new challenges, KPMG is pleased to present these findings from our survey of C-level Executives to share insights of how Thai businesses are responding to these unprecedented times. We hope these findings can be of use to your business as you continue to navigate your way through this pandemic and beyond.


Charoen Phosamritlert
Chief Executive Officer
KPMG in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos