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ASEAN+ is KPMG’s cross-functional integrated service team established to support companies looking to expand, invest, and operate their business in ASEAN. We act as a strategic partner working closely with our clients to help them identify opportunities and mitigate risks in order to create long-term value and sustainable growth. While assisting domestic and international businesses in investment across the region and beyond, we focus on fast-growing emerging countries including Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV).



CLMV countries are one of the most attractive markets for foreign direct investments due to their high growth potential, proven resilience and diverse opportunities in different sectors for both small and large businesses. Coupled with the ASEAN community’s roadmap to ‘Empower ASEAN 4.0’, the region will prioritize development in digital infrastructure and digital connectivity. The region’s priorities, coupled with their open trade policy and advantageous geographical location, have made CLMV an attractive prospect for investors.

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