Whilst oil and gas consumption is forecasted to grow globally by 25% between 2015 and 2035, the growth rate is slowing significantly, with a further drag from decreasing energy intensity. In order to offset declining returns, upstream exploration and production (E&P), midstream, and downstream companies need to drive efficiencies with several transformations throughout their supply chain, including in digital technologies.

In Supply chain transformation in energy, the latest Industry Focus from our Industrial Market practice, we dive deep into those several transformations and digital technologies that will uplift the evolution of supply chain in energy companies within the digital era.


“The energy sector is well positioned to shift focus from operational efficiency and cost savings to embracing the challenges and opportunities of the digital revolution. Although digital technology requires the companies to adjust their business models and organizational structures, it provides a lot of opportunities for the companies throughout the supply chain, including cost reduction, better transportation and storage system, deeper customer understanding, higher value-added products, etc. This can help the companies in the energy sector to overcome the challenges in the recent market situation.”

Paul Flipse
Partner, Audit Energy, KPMG in Thailand

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