Anticipating tomorrow to deliver the best results today is our philosophy. Ongoing economic uncertainty, the evolving role of government in the marketplace, prospects of a more complex regulatory environment, combined with rapid changes in industries, huge strides in the advancement, of digital technology and consumers’ rising expectations mean that to be at the forefront of each industry, companies must constantly anticipate change.

In such a fluid economic climate, we believe in anticipating and understanding the changes before they take place. We are ready for tomorrow, and our goal is to make our clients find the best solutions today.


At KPMG, we believe that despite the recent advances in technology, ultimately what still makes the difference to our clients is the experience of working with KPMG people. We work hard to develop and retain the best professionals in the field to best serve our clients. Our people understand both the local and global contexts of business and have a deep understanding of our clients’ diverse industries and the complex environment in which they operate.

This, combined with a conscious and calculated expansion of innovation and technology in our Audit, Tax and Advisory services, allows us to make the best decisions for our clients. We tailor our services and solutions to suit each client’s unique needs and businesses.


What we do is simple. We understand the business climate and industries, we know our clients and we deliver tailor-made services to best serve each client’s individual needs using experts in the field and innovative tools.

We are constantly expanding our capabilities as a firm, developing our people and innovating our tools to allow us to stay ahead. We bring long term added value through our real world experience and technical know-how. Our forward looking vision and deep expertise ultimately lead to one goal: Delivering real results to you.

Our services:


Integrity, quality and independence are the building blocks of KPMG’s audit approach. Our approach is to look beyond the mere assessment of financial information to deliver practical, commercially astute advice. 

Our judgments are based on an in-depth understanding of the unique elements of an entity - the culture, the sector, the competitive pressures and the risks. This enables our team to identify areas of operational improvement, as well as to help users of financial statements gain confidence in them.

Our audit services include:

  • Statutory audits and review of financialstatements regulated by regulatory bodies
  • IFRS and US GAAP audits and reviews
  • Audits and reviews of consolidation reporting packages
  • Domestic and international public offeringrelated services
  • Reviews of prospective financial informationand budgets
  • Audits for other special reports
  • Internal control reviews and advice



Our tax practice helps entities and individuals to reduce their tax burden while meeting the highest standards of compliance. We pride ourselves on our bright, motivated and committed team of experienced Lao and expatriate tax advisers and our hand-on approach to solving complex tax issues.

Our tax services include:

  • Global Compliance Management Services
  • Global Transfer Pricing Services
  • International Tax
  • Global Mobility Service (GMS)
  • Indirect Tax
  • Legal Services



Our advisory team helps entities to become more efficient. We provide support in all stages of an organization's lifecycle, helping clients to tackle a minefield of challenges; stringent regulation, boundless cost pressures, increased competition at home and abroad, not to mention striving to meet their own growth agenda. We share objective, practical advice that reshapes the established ways of thinking in order to add long term value to the organizations with whom we work.

Our advisory services fall into three groups:

Management Consulting

  • Business Performance Services
  • IT Advisory Services

Deal Advisory

  • Buying a Business
  • Selling a Business
  • FixFundPartner

Risk Consulting

  • Accounting Advisory Services
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Forensic
  • Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services

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