Adopting Identity Access Management (IAM) to Protect Your Business

13 July 2023 | 9:00 – 11:30 (BKK Time) | KPMG in Thailand

13 July 2023 | 9:00 – 11:30 (BKK Time) | KPMG in Thailand

Adopting Identity Access Management (IAM) to Protect Your Business

You are cordially invited to attend this KPMG Executive Briefing on:

Adopting Identity Access Management (IAM) to Protect Your Business

Organizations are continuing to quicken the process of their digital transformation in an effort of reinventing themselves and providing clients with value-added services while reducing their exposure to cyber risks. With this change, cyber security is also affecting the board and other organizational responsibilities in addition to the CISO function.

KPMG has released its latest cybersecurity consideration report which highlights key areas that firms should focus on. Cyber security maturity of an organization and its partner eco-system have been identified as one of the key drivers for enabling digital trust of their products and services. Managing a perimeter-less environment needs new identity management thinking.

Join the KPMG team for insights on:

  • Current trends in cyber risks
  • Cyber in manufacturing, healthcare, power and utilities 
  • Board concerns on cyber risks
  • Cybersecurity considerations to mitigate risks
  • Cyber maturity assessment
  • Preventing identity-based threat



Who should attend

CRO, CCO, Head of Operational Risk, Technology Risk and Compliance

Date and time

Thursday 13 July 2023


For more information about the event, please contact: Khun Yonchanok K. at


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Mr. Ser Yen Lee

Mr. Ser Yen Lee

Partner, Cybersecurity
KPMG in Singapore

Ser Yen is a Partner at KPMG Advisory in Singapore, leading their cyber transformation business with over 25 years of experience in the information security industry. He has developed information security products and solutions, managed projects, and led cross-functional teams to provide end-to-end services. His expertise includes IT security, communications security, and data security solutions, with a current focus on data protection, identity and access management, security monitoring, and governance, risk, and compliance. Ser Yen has also assisted clients in compliance with data protection regulations and is well-versed in insider threat detection. His current focus in cyber technology is to assist clients in deploying and improving their tools and processes for data protection, identity and access management (IAM), security monitoring and governance, risk & compliance (GRC).

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