Cyber Threat Hunting

Date: 28 August 2019 Time: 08:30 am – 11:00 am at KPMG Boardroom, 48th Floor, Empire Tower, Sathorn

Date: 28 August 2019 Time: 08:30 am – 11:00 am at KPMG Boardroom, 48th Floor, Empire Tower

Executive Briefing: Cyber Threat Hunting

Cyber-attacks are increasing in complexity and frequency. While organizations are becoming more aware of this, traditional security measures such as vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and cyber exercises simply cannot keep up. 

Traditional security tools rely on signatures and pre-defined rules to detect and eradicate malicious software, while security frameworks tend to focus on tried-and-tested approaches such as perimeter defenses and defense in depth. However, advancements in technology and the evaporation of organizational boundaries have reduced the effectiveness of such security tools.

With these cyber threats looming and continuing to evolve, there is an urgency for organizations to adopt an active stance towards cyber defense. 

KPMG is pleased to invite you to our executive briefing on 28 August 2019, where you will get to:

  1. Hear about the evolving trends in cyber attacks and the measures to counter them   
  2. Learn about KPMG’s approach to cyber threat hunting through a demo of our solutions
  3. Discuss the key issues and responses to the cyber threat with your peers and a panel of experts
  4. Understand how you can approach taking the necessary actions to better protect your organization 

We hope you will be able to join us. 



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08:30     Registration 

09:00     Session starts

10:50      Q&A

11:00       Session ends

Language: English

Who should attend: IT, Security and Risk Management leaders

Venue: KPMG Boardroom, 48th Floor, Empire Tower, 1 South Sathorn Road, Bangkok

Map: Click here

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