KPMG Business Leaders' Summit 2023 was held as a one-day event on 12 September 2023, aiming to gather business leaders and decision-makers across various sectors in Thailand. This summit provided an exceptional platform for attendees to gain valuable insights into future trends, market dynamics, and potential factors affecting businesses in Thailand and the region.

During this summit, the conference featured four sessions with the following themes:

  1. Future of Tax & Legal: This session covered topics such as BOI Incentives, the Digital Tax Ecosystem, and Tax Transformation.
  2. Driving the future: This session explored subjects including Economic Outlook, M&A Landscape and Paradigm Shift, the Future of ESG, and Driving Business Growth with Data and AI.
  3. Global Japanese Practice: This session focused on the areas of accounting, taxation, and cyber security.
  4. China Practice: This session specifically addressed matters related to the Economic Outlook for ASEAN and Thailand, Updates to accounting standards, Legal and BOI policies, Tax Regulations, Audit Trends, and BEPS 2.0 Pillar.

The conference also offered a “Chat with KPMG” session, where participants had the opportunity to engage in exclusive discussions with KPMG professionals at exhibition booths. Lastly, attendees participated in a networking session to meet and interact with other businesspeople, facilitating the expansion of their professional networks.

We would like to express our appreciation to all participants and speakers for your participation and commitment, and we eagerly await the opportunity to welcome each and every one of you once again in the future.

KPMG Business Leaders’ Summit 2023

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KPMG Business Leaders’ Summit 2023

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KPMG Business Leaders’ Summit 2023

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