“The pace of change in Thailand’s banking industry is unprecedented.  We are observing annual increases of 100% in customer use of digital channels, with a 300% increase in underlying transaction volumes.  This shift in customer behavior, coupled with major national initiatives to transform the digital business ecosystem, creates significant opportunities for the Fintech industry.  We are excited to help our clients on this journey” 

Christopher Saunders
Partner, KPMG in Thailand


Our approach

At KPMG we help clients succeed with a strategic approach to their Fintech challenges and opportunities.


Five steps to Fintech success

Think. Disrupt your own business first. We work with you to analyze the threats and disruptors your business faces and how you can proactively meet these challenges and turn threat into opportunity. This includes a strategic evaluation of the risk and rewards of standing still or moving ahead.

Look / Listen. Evaluate the marketplace to see where your potential to achieving your goals already exists, has similar startup focus or demonstrates new options for achieving related goals. Gain the advantage of learning how other sector leaders are facing similar challenges on their path to innovation.

Experiment. Accelerator as a service. Using our network of global incubators and the Matchi platform, we identify startup partners to co-operatively beta test your best ideas.

Implement / Industrialize. Make real what you beta test by having the benefit of KPMG’s global advisory team to scale up your early success for broad deployment and enterprise level benefit.

Comply / Protect. Protection Agenda - critically review and evaluate your operational implementation to ensure you stay in line with both regulatory and cyber security concerns that could threaten your long-term success.