Corporate income tax

Corporate income tax

We at KPMG understand the challenges you face. We can provide expert advice on domestic and international corporate tax issues.

We at KPMG understand the challenges you face.

The tax world is constantly changing whether as a result of new domestic laws, international reform or changing approaches by tax authorities. An approach to tax which is responsible and sustainable and underpins wider commercial objectives can enhance growth. Whether you are a global organization or a Slovak-based business, we at KPMG understand the challenges you face. We can provide expert advice on domestic and international corporate tax issues. We also bring together the best technical specialists and industry knowledge to help make your commercial objectives a reality.

While the “headline” corporate income tax rate in Slovakia is currently set at 21%, the actual corporate tax incurred can still be significant. We can work with you to help minimize your tax costs and to help identify comprehensive commercial strategies to address tax problems and opportunities arising from your business activities.

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Our range of services cover the following:

  • Corporate Tax Advisory and Compliance
  • Deal Advisory (M&A) Tax
  • International Tax
  • Transfer Pricing


Corporate Tax Advisory and Compliance

Our tax advisory and compliance services include comments on questions raised and the preparation or review of corporate income tax returns. During this process we will aim to bring to your attention tax risks and opportunities arising from our work and suggestions for further procedural or planning opportunities.


Deal Advisory (M&A) Tax

We provide our clients with highly professional tax advice in every kind of merger or acquisition with deep sector knowledge to the satisfaction of clients. Although the matters differ, key challenges for the clients include mainly the following: 

  • How should we structure our transaction in order to maximize our profits and mitigate the tax risks involved effectively?
  • How can we use the outcome of the process of due diligence to your advantage, and how the due diligence results should be interpreted?
  • How to manage the tax liability and risks related to acquired shares in the acquisition process?
  • Which arguments and clauses should be used in the process of the contract drafting and negotiations?
  • What are the pre-closing, closing and post-closing obligations of the parties involved?
  • What are the most tax efficient takeover strategies, and how to use them?
  • Are debt-push-down structures possible in Slovakia? Under what conditions?
  • What are the most efficient exit strategies?


International Tax

While the impact of taxation on transactions within national boundaries is important, the impact of taxation on cross border transactions can be even more critical to a business. Understanding the tax systems in the countries involved is fundamental in both avoiding double taxation and identifying opportunities for minimizing the overall tax burden. With our expatriate tax professionals and KPMG member firms' global network we work closely together to produce tools tailored to your individual needs and circumstances.

Transfer pricing

Slovak transfer pricing regulations are still not as developed as in some other countries. However, this is a dynamic area of international tax and we can anticipate major changes in Slovak tax law and practice in future. With effect from 1 January 2009 formal transfer pricing documentation requirements were introduced. From 1 January 2015 transfer pricing rules apply also to transactions between Slovak related parties. Businesses must therefore plan now for compliance with the new rules and anticipated future developments. Within our team we have tax professionals who have had extensive experience in the transfer pricing regulations of developed market economies and are attuned to the inevitable development of the Slovak regulations. 

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