Modern business cannot be efficient without a set of data collection, exchange, and processing solutions that allow you to consolidate, control and manage all processes and assets, as well as quickly connect required external resources.

  • Seeing the value of data requires fundamental shift in the way organizations understand data
  • Data needs to be seen as more than a by-product of business processes
  • Also data is often seen as a management and technology problem rather than a business one

Digital transformation at the moment is a phenomenon that impacts and involves every organization even those that are reluctant to develop their data strategy or implement new digital tools and techniques.

There are a lot of challenges organizations face nowadays when it comes to data usage and management. Still, data is a core asset and ability to establish end to end process from data collection to creation of digitally enabled products and services is the most significant differentiator that defines leaders and backmarkers. Our expertise can add value and will be relevant for all types of organizations, regardless of industry, size, or digital maturity level.

How we can help

We can be engaged within all data related initiatives,  support digital transformation projects,  build a bridge between digital technologies/concepts and business needs, helping customers from all verticals to extract maximum value from the data.

Our service portfolio includes but not limited to

  • digital maturity assessments
  • digital strategy and target data architecture development
  • CDO advisory
  • establishment of efficient Advanced Data Management (ADM)
  • trainings on digital transformation

We can serve our clients by unlocking value that will drive growth, unlock real, actionable insights, manage risks, and optimize cost for their business

Journey to information-centric organization

Digital strategy should be defined as a first step towards information-centric organization or digital-native enterprise

Key areas/activities

  • Digital maturity diagnostics/assessments. Gap analysis
  • Business requirements collection and decomposition on IT landscape
  • Process design
  • Business process automation, including RPA and No-Code/Low-Code
  • S&OP/Integrated Business Planning
  • Best practises, KPIs and benchmarks
  • Target architecture development
  • Change management and steering models
  • UX/CX. Customer journey, segmentation/persona development
  • Enterprise system/application selection and procurement
  • Cloud strategy. Private, public, hybrid/multicloud. Industry clouds
  • CDO advisory. Digital strategy, ROI.
Comprehensive data management is the next step in this journey. Since data is a core asset nowadays, the ability to establish E2E process from data collection to creation of digitally enabled products is the most significant differentiator that defines leaders and back-markers.
Key areas/activities
Key areas/activities
Key areas/activities
As-Is assessments, controls audit Business continuity programmes OSINT, SWOT, MI/BI, reporting tools
Best practises, KPIs and benchmarks Control/Polices assessments Customer/market study design and execution
To-Be/Target data architecture development Quantitative cyber risk calculations Forecasting, competitive analysis
Data monetization Risk matrixes Opportunities identification and valuation. TAM/SAM/SOM
Main pillars Benefit/cost analysis Data driven decision making frameworks
  • Metadata
  •   Ideation and rapid prototyping
  • Data Quality
  •   Hypothesis testing
  • Master & Reference Data
  • Data Operations
  • Document & Content  Management
  • Data Integration  & Interoperability

    When digital/data strategies are in place, AI/ML allow to drastically increase efficiency of processes, bringing business to the next level.

    Key areas/activities

    • Maturity assessments
    • Limitations and vulnerabilities    
      • AI in Control
      • AI Security Framework

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