Little things that together create a unique experience

Interview with Michal Brat, the marketing manager in Martinus.

What values should customers associate with your brand?

In general, we follow these principles: Passion – because we love what we do. Personal approach – because we want to understand each other even though we are completely different. Wow effect – because we deliberately do little things that together create a unique experience. Strive for improvement – because we appreciate curiosity, initiative and progress. 

What does Customer Experience (CX) mean to you?

It is actually the most valuable feedback for our company, an indicator that we do our job well. Our goals are built on values, and customer experience is a reflection of our success in implementing them in practice.

What are the biggest challenges in delivering unique customer experience?

One of our principles is continuous improvement, that is very entertaining, and it also keeps us awake.  The biggest challenge for us is to practice useful innovation. It is necessary to distinguish between technical "tweaks" with added value to customers and features which are just trendy and provide no tangible benefits.

The second challenge is to keep a friendly workplace atmosphere. Relaxed employees will deal better with customer requests and problem solving and may even “contaminate” customers with good vibes and make their day better.  

What are the core strengths of your customer service?

We try to give the “Martinus spirit” to everything we do. We often go beyond usual practices just to satisfy our customers' wishes. Their joy is proof for us that we are doing a good job. 

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